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MAC Announces Development of Premium Grade Heavy Duty Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat

Customers Asked, and McConnell & Associates Has Delivered Another Quality Product After years of relying on premium hot-blended coal tar emulsion sealcoat from McConnell & Associates, the company’s customers asked for a premium grade asphalt emulsion-based sealcoat. McConnell & Associates, a Kansas City-based company that not only provides pavement maintenance services, but develops and tests Read more >


McConnell & Associates revises its logo and hits the 100 employee mark. Read more >


Chris Hanson joins McConnell & Associates as CFO and head of the Estimating Department. Read more >


MAC purchases tar emulsion plant in Pevely, MO. MAC reaches 75 employee mark. Read more >


The Tulsa, Oklahoma branch is sold for a healthy profit. Read more >


Personnel and financial resources are focused in Kansas City as the Denver facility is closed. Read more >


McConnell & Associates produces more than 2 million gallons of sealer in one year. Read more >


McConnell & Associates grows to 50 employees and opens the Tulsa, Oklahoma branch. Read more >


Roger Henderson, another weekend warrior, joins the McConnell & Associates team full time. Roger has served in many capacities, with his specialty being in the sales and estimating area. Read more >


Rob McConnell and Greg Lucas begin working at McConnell & Associates, while Scott McConnell and Greg Lucas open a branch office in Denver, Colorado. Read more >