MAC Announces Development of Premium Grade Heavy Duty Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat

Customers Asked, and McConnell & Associates Has Delivered Another Quality Product

After years of relying on premium hot-blended coal tar emulsion sealcoat from McConnell & Associates, the company’s customers asked for a premium grade asphalt emulsion-based sealcoat.

McConnell & Associates, a Kansas City-based company that not only provides pavement maintenance services, but develops and tests its own products, got to work developing a heavy-duty sealcoat that is especially designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements.

Based on select grades of asphalt resins, rubberized polymers, minerals, specialty additives and performance boosters that are hot-blended, MAC MICRO-PAVE has been shown to provide the exceptional durability customers expect from MAC’s other trusted products.

MAC MICRO-PAVE is designed to provide maximum protection against weathering, traffic, moisture, cold and other damaging effects. By sealing hairline cracks, MAC MICRO-PAVE effectively prevents water penetration and freeze damage.

MAC MICRO-PAVE can often be found on the parking lots of shopping centers and malls where typical ring road traffic causes other sealcoats to fail prematurely, but any off-street asphalt surface in stable condition is a perfect candidate for the high grade protection this asphalt sealer has to offer.

A rich black in color, with a uniform texture, MAC MICRO-PAVE is easy to maintain, skid resistant, and durable. Commercial and industrial parking lots are ideal recipients for this product. Even airport runways and taxiways can be sealed with MAC MICRO-PAVE.

Another benefit of MAC MICRO-PAVE is that it is water-based, meaning it can be used safely, without irritation or noxious fumes.