The Leader in Pavement Services Since 1965

“Wherever you walk, park or play – MAC is your first call when you need an asphalt pavement service company.” This means more to us than a company slogan. We mean it. We adhere to it proudly. It stems from our humble beginnings as the first company to bring sealcoating to Kansas City. Since that time, we have expanded our asphalt pavement services to meet the needs of our many customers throughout the Midwest region.

Today, MAC is the first choice for premium sealcoating products used by contractors and homeowners everywhere. We’re also the first choice of business owners, facility managers, apartment managers and others who need our full range of pavement services, including sports and recreation surfaces.

From a full spectrum of colors in sports surfaces, to the leading blends in high-performance sealcoating – MAC has you covered – literally. Technology changes frequently and the professionals at McConnell & Associates are prepared to help you navigate those changes. Count on us to bring you the latest technology and materials for all of your surface sealing and maintenance projects.

MAC History Timeline

  • 1960


    Burton MCConnell supervises the first coal tar sealcoat job in Kansas City as superintendent for Kissick Construction Company.

  • 1962


    Mrs. Patricia Lorenz’s pavement maintenance company, Jennite Products Applicators, opens for business. The production business is operated by Burton and Troy McConnell.

  • 1965


    Burton and Troy McConnell buy Jennite Products Applicators for $20,000. The business is operated out of “the warehouse” at 1220 Gentry in North Kansas City, MO.

  • 1968


    Troy and Burton McConnell convert Jon Hubbard from a weekend warrior for their team to a full time employee. Jon has been Troy’s right hand man ever since.

  • 1970


    The year is 1970 and the tennis boom is in full swing, and while MAC has been maintaining tennis courts and running tracks since its inception. Since then, MAC has become the leader in Sports Construction. We’ve built countless tennis courts, running tracks, futsal, and pickleball courts. So if you’ve played on these surfaces in the Midwest in the last 50+ years, there is a high likelihood that we built it, or we’ve worked on it.

  • 1971


    The operation moves to 1225 Iron in North Kansas City and sells more than 100,000 gallons of sealer.

  • 128 1988 Roger Henderson, Joe Hackett, Mark Land


    Joe Hackett becomes General Manager of the St. Louis branch which was opened the prior year.

  • 1978


    MAC cuts ties with Maintenance Inc. and changes its name to McConnell & Associates Corp. MAC begins manufacturing and selling MAC-52 coal tar sealer, develops a relationship with Cosmicoate Inc., purchases a building at 701 E 12th for manufacturing and adds Phil McConnell to the team.

  • Denver Beaver Creek Picture of Greg and Scott


    McConnell & Associates develops a relationship with Star Inc. and reaches the 25 employee mark, Scott McConnell joins the team, and MAC produces more than 1 million gallons of sealer for the first time.

  • 134 1989 Denver TC Job 2


    Rob McConnell and Greg Lucas begin working at McConnell & Associates, while Scott McConnell and Greg Lucas open a branch office in Denver, Colorado.

  • 122 1987 Roger Henderson


    Roger Henderson, another weekend warrior, joins the McConnell & Associates team full time. Roger has served in many capacities, with his specialty being in the sales and estimating area.

  • 152 1994 Tulsa Trucks


    McConnell & Associates grows to 50 employees and opens the Tulsa, Oklahoma branch.

  • 1994


    McConnell & Associates produces more than 2 million gallons of sealer in one year.

  • 1999


    MAC purchases tar emulsion plant in Pevely, MO. MAC reaches 75 employee mark.

  • 2000


    Chris Hanson joins McConnell & Associates as CFO and head of the Estimating Department.

  • 243 Show Room


    McConnell & Associates revises its logo and hits the 100 employee mark.

  • 2008


    MAC resurfaces the courts at the Australian Open.

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  • 2013


    MAC acquires Midwest Asphalt Coatings’ Kansas City operations, joining forces to create the region’s largest provider of asphalt, seal coating and concrete services.

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  • 2018


    As MAC has grown, the need to be able to handle our projects from the ground up finally grew to a point where we had no choice but to build our own division. From simple drainage projects, doing an addition to your parking, or grading a new tennis court or new parking lot, our highly skilled employees have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

  • 2022


    McConnell goes over 150 Employees and goes 100% Employee Owned

Putting Your Security & Our Employee Safety First

Working on the jobs and using the materials that we do, MAC is an asphalt pavement service company that takes safety extremely seriously. We’ve made it a point to not only meet, but also exceed local, state and federal safety requirements, which is exceptional in our industry. All of our employees have OSHA 10 Certification and our supervisors have OSHA 30 Certification.

Beyond OSHA certification, rest assured that any MAC employee working on your premises is background checked and has extensive additional training in CPR, driving, safety procedures, etc. Quality control is measured by spontaneous onsite job inspections by an independent firm to ensure all safety procedures and regulations are being followed to the letter.

Whether it’s sealing an existing parking lot, paving a new surface or installing sport surfaces, McConnell & Associates is an asphalt pavement service company with the tools and experience to do the job right the first time. That’s why more people trust the MAC Value Advantage.