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If your project involves concrete paving & repair, no Midwest concrete company has more extensive experience in commercial, industrial or municipal applications than MAC. Our concrete paving & repair crews are highly trained in the industry’s most rigorous procedures for producing low maintenance, enduring concrete surfaces.

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Concrete Paving & Repair for Traffic Surfaces

The primary difference between concrete and asphalt road surfaces is that concrete is a rigid structure and asphalt is flexible. The significance of this is in how the pavements react to traffic loads and the environment. Each has its specific advantages and uses.

Concrete has a longer structural life. Typically, a concrete pavement is designed to last 25 to 30 years, and some are built with a life of 50 years. It doesn’t rut, washboard or shove out of its original position. Its rigid surface provides excellent durability.

Because it is built for a longer structural life, concrete requires less repair and maintenance. This means fewer delays for commuters due to closed roads under construction or repairs.

Unlike asphalt, concrete is not affected by seasonal weakening of the subgrade during spring thaw. This allows heavy vehicles to maintain full weight on concrete highways all year round. Concrete is very well suited to heavy load truck traffic. It is especially useful for watercourses and high weight loading areas. It is more expensive to install than asphalt but is a wise investment for locations that must withstand heavy loads.

Concrete pavement has the following safety features:

  • Shorter vehicle stopping distance
  • During wet weather, water or ice collected in the ruts of an asphalt pavement can increase the potential for skidding. Concrete’s rigidity does not allow tire ruts, eliminating this risk.
  • Improved nighttime visibility because concrete deflects light from a vehicle or lamppost better than the darker colored asphalt

Concrete Paving & Repair for Walking Surfaces

On top of concrete’s strength and durability, there are several other reasons it is the preferred surface of business owners, property managers and others. While concrete requires very little maintenance if sealed and evaluated every couple of years, it can present a hazard for visitors or occupants and a liability for owners if not properly maintained and watched.

Uneven surfaces, cracks, etc. can create trip hazards, which could mean lawsuits and liability issues. Limiting your exposure to potential lawsuits requires having a concrete contractor you can count on to respond quickly and repair even quicker.

There are also aesthetics to take into consideration. Your concrete surfaces make a first impression on your visitors and customers or tenants. Having worked with concrete for as long as we have, our concrete crews are masters of making your surfaces look spectacular and appealing.

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