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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Sealcoating Company

McConnell & Associates (MAC) has been “wherever you walk, park or play” since 1965. In fact, MAC was the first company to bring sealcoating to Kansas City, which has made us the first choice for premium sealcoating products trusted by contractors, business owners and homeowners across the Midwest.

Even though we were the first sealcoating company in Kansas City, we’re no longer the only. Many contractors followed us into the sealcoating field, so it’s important to know what to ask when you’re choosing a company. For a sealcoating job done right and one that will last versus one that won’t, the answers make all the difference. When you’re investing in your property’s asphalt services, the last thing you want is a company that uses inferior sealcoating, over dilutes the product, uses seasonal, inexperienced laborers, or doesn’t hold key industry certifications for safety.

Working on the sealcoating projects that we do, MAC takes safety extremely seriously. We’ve made it a point to not only meet but also exceed local, state and federal safety requirements. Not many can say that in this industry. All MAC employees have OSHA 10 Certification and our supervisors have OSHA 30 Certification.

In addition to OSHA certification, any MAC employee who works on our customers’ premises has undergone a background check and been trained carefully in CPR, driving, safety procedures and more. We hire an independent firm to make spontaneous onsite job inspections to verify that all safety procedures and regulations are being followed, which measures quality control.

Professional Sealcoating Contractors Don’t Shy Away from Questions

Professional sealcoating contractors don’t shy away from answering questions. Nor are they vague with their answers. Before hiring a company, ask questions and the best contractors will welcome the chance to earn your business with their expertise and professionalism.

How long has the contractor been sealcoating asphalt?

Given the variables and conditions that go into doing a sealcoating project right, experience is key. Sealcoating is more than a matter of spreading the material over the asphalt surface. It requires assessing any damage and knowing which material will perform best based on usage and traffic the area sees.

What is their reputation in the industry?

You can do your due diligence on your own to evaluate a sealcoating contractor’s reputation. Most likely, if there are issues to be found, they’ll be on review websites. Consumers typically leave reviews when they are extremely unhappy and happy with the results. There is very little middle ground, plus you want to hire a 5-star company versus an average company.

What about free evaluations and estimates?

No reputable sealcoating company will provide an estimate without thoroughly evaluating the project. It’s not in the company’s best interest should the project require more time and material than anticipated, and it’s certainly not in yours to receive an unexpectedly higher invoice.

What brand of sealcoating and materials does the company use?

Just as important as technique is the sealcoating material itself, especially in the Midwest where we see extreme weather and temperature fluctuations from season to season. A durable sealcoat must stand up to weather, traffic, oil spots and UV damage.

At MAC, we use our own premium asphalt sealers, including MAC 52, MAC Pro-Blend and MAC Micro-Pave, as well as STAR-TRITON® that meets and/or exceeds ASTM and FAA specifications. MAC sealers carry our name and are covered by one of the best warranties in the industry. Our sealers have a long history of proven performance in the Midwest under all kinds of usage, from light to heavy industrial, which makes it the best material available.

You can’t be expected to be an expert on the properties of sealcoating materials. Simply by asking the question, you can learn a lot about the contractor’s level of knowledge on pros and cons and why they choose a specific brand.

What about the additional services that go along with sealcoating?

It’s a hassle and expensive to piecemeal the other services you’ll need to complete your asphalt surface. Whether it’s a parking lot, sidewalk or walking trail, one call to MAC handles all aspects of asphalt sealcoating and maintenance, including:

Who else is on the contractor’s customer list?

Sealcoating jobs that were done well and have endured are a source of pride. The contractor should be more than happy to share past clients and projects with you. Plus, knowing these, you can drive by and see the work quality with your own two eyes. 

Ask which ones are repeat customers. The more repeat customers, the better the sign of quality work; the sealcoating project was done so well that the customers trusted the contractor again.

Take a look at MAC’s sealcoating projects.

The Answers You are Looking for are Right Here

Getting bids for your asphalt sealcoating is the smart and right thing to do. It’s the only way to sleep well at night knowing you went with the best contractor for the job.

At MAC, we’re happy to answer all your questions, explain our sealcoating materials, share past projects and whatever else you’d like to know. You don’t survive since 1965 in this industry by being anything but transparent and the best. Contact us with your questions or request an estimate for your upcoming project.