8 Questions to Ask a Concrete Contractor Before You Hire Them

When it comes to major home or business improvement projects, it’s critical to hire the right contractor for the job. Concrete work is no different and requires the specialization of professional concrete contractors to not only lay the groundwork for the project but assist you in bringing your vision to life without any complications.

Working with concrete is difficult and time-consuming, so finding and hiring the right concrete contractor for the job is critical. As with any other home renovation project, attempting to do it yourself may cost you more in the long run. Similarly, hiring the wrong contractor can cost you even more money.

Before hiring a concrete service contractor to work on your property, here is a list of questions to ask to learn about their experience and what you can expect before, during, and after your project.

man-pouring-concreteWhat Experience Do You Have?

While you can start by reading reviews to narrow down your options, you won’t know whether a potential concrete contractor is a good fit for your project until you interview them. Inquire about their experience in the concrete industry and the types of concrete construction projects they’ve completed. Additionally, it might be helpful to look for contractors affiliated with reputable concrete companies that specialize in the type of concrete project you need to complete.

Do You Have References or a Portfolio of Previous Work?

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a contractor’s work is to contact other businesses that have previously worked with the contractor. Ask your potential contractor for a list of previous clients they’ve completed similar work for in the past and contact them about their experience.

Furthermore, examining examples of the contractor’s previous work will allow you to assess their quality and experience. This is an excellent way to ensure that your contractor can complete the project to your specifications and avoid an unfavorable outcome.

Do You Have Licenses and Certifications?

To ensure the safety of your project, this should be one of the first questions you ask your preferred contractor before hiring them. Official certifications demonstrate that the contractor has met industry training standards, understands safe work practices, and is legally permitted to work in your area.

Reputable contractors should be familiar with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) or have a general contractor’s license, ensuring that all employees have the necessary education and training. If you receive a negative response to this question, it might be best to avoid working with the contractor and find another company to handle your project.

Do You Have Proof of Insurance?

There are numerous guidelines and regulations that govern workplace safety, promote safe work practices, and help to reduce the possibility of project delays. As a result, be sure to also inquire about the contractor’s proof of insurance and elicits information about their training and experience.

Your contractor should always carry two types of insurance. The first, liability insurance, safeguards your property against potential damage. The second type of insurance is called worker’s compensation, which covers you in the event that a crew member is injured while on your property.

men-spreading-concreteDo You Offer Warranties with Your Work?

While any newly-constructed concrete project should turn out wonderfully, time will reveal the true quality of the work. A trustworthy and reputable concrete contractor will always provide written warranties, so be sure to ask whether your contractor offers a warranty for your project.

Warranties protect you from poor workmanship and ensure your project will be completed thoroughly and professionally.

How Much Do You Estimate the Project Will Cost?

Before starting your project, ask for an estimate on how much your project will cost. Most contractors will ask for a down payment, with the initial deposit typically being non-refundable, and require you to pay the remaining cost once the work is completed.

Reputable contractors should be able to estimate how much money will be needed to complete a project, which helps you select a contractor who fits within your budget but also helps you avoid any future charges or hidden fees.

How Long Will the Project Take?

As with estimated costs, most contractors should be able to provide an estimate of how long a specific project will take. Some concrete projects are completed in a matter of days, while others take several weeks, which means you will want a clear understanding of how long the contractor will take to complete the project. If your contractor cannot provide you with an accurate time estimate, you may want to consider finding someone else to complete the project.

Will You Need a Permit to Complete the Project?

Before beginning any major project on your property, obtaining all necessary permits for any work being done to comply with local ordinances is critical. Unfortunately, some concrete contractors are unaware of the permitting process or the permits needed for your project. Hire a concrete contractor who is familiar with obtaining permits and has an understanding of the necessary permits to ensure that all work done is up to code.

Before you hire a concrete contractor to work on your property, be sure to ask them the important questions we’ve discussed in this blog. If you’re looking for a reputable, trustworthy, and professional concrete and asphalt company to assist you with your next project, McConnell & Associates is the team to trust.

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