The Full Court Press Approach – Design Build

Sports are all about winning and winners need quality courts to play on!  Are you ready to learn about our full-court press approach to design-build? 

When it comes to sports construction, choosing the right approach makes all the difference. At McConnell & Associates (MAC), we can handle the entire design-build process in-house. 

This offers numerous benefits compared to relying on external architects who might not fully understand your site or the specific needs of your project. If MAC comes in after someone has already handled design steps, there will most likely be changes that will affect the expectation of price and timeline. Design-build also keeps the project from going through the bidding process, which which will accelerate the project timeline and actually save you money.

Design Phase: Understanding Your Vision


We know you have a vision and at MAC, we want to work with you to make that vision a reality. Our goal is to understand your vision and what’s important to you.  We can then work to make it a reality. 

The first step in our process is the design phase. We start by working closely with you to understand exactly what you want and envision for your new court and facility. 

Our team at MAC facilitates the initial scope and design, ensuring every detail aligns with your goals. 

By handling the design in-house, we can create a more accurate and detailed plan from the beginning. 

Cooperative Purchasing Through TIPS

We utilize cooperative purchasing through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS). This method streamlines the procurement process, we offer the best materials and services at competitive prices.

TIPS allows the customer to streamline having to receive multiple bids, they can just choose the approved TIPS vendor and move on.

We know you want to save money (who doesn’t?). By leveraging TIPS, we can offer you more value and efficiency from the start. 

Bid Phase Overview

As we said, choosing one firm for design-build keeps the process from going through bidding, which will get the project on a faster timeline. But we do want to take a moment to talk about the bidding phase and what that entails. 

  • Price Proposals: The total cost to complete the project based on the provided design documents.
  • Qualifications: Contractor’s experience, references, and capabilities.
  • Bonding and Insurance Information: Proof of financial capacity and insurance coverage.
  • Schedule: Estimated timeline 

After the bids are opened, the owner, along with the architect or consultant, evaluates the bids based on which contractor best aligns with their vision, budget and timeline. 

The owner selects the contractor based on the evaluation criteria. Typically, the contract is awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, though other factors (like experience, quality, and schedule) may influence the decision.

Build Phase: Seamless Execution

If you choose to work with MAC, we can seamlessly transition from design to the build phase.  We know that uneasy feelings can arise during this execution phase especially when tight deadlines are at play. 

Throughout the build phase, it is important to prioritize communication and transparency. We will keep you informed about progress and address any questions or adjustments promptly. 

Our commitment to high standards extends to every aspect of the build phase. We prioritize quality control and attention to detail, ensuring that every component, from materials to construction methods, aligns with our rigorous standards. By maintaining this level of dedication throughout the build process, we complete projects that meet or exceed client expectations while ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Benefits of Leveraging One Firm for Design-Build Success

Timeline Management and Faster Delivery 

Having your project under one roof streamlines collaboration between design and construction teams. This integrated approach eliminates inefficiencies and delays often encountered in traditional project delivery methods. We can optimize scheduling and resource allocation, ensuring that your project progresses swiftly. This accelerates the timeline and also allows you to realize the benefits of your project sooner.

Cost Control

Let’s be honest, we know you want to save money and we understand! Curbing costs without sacrificing quality is our specialty. 

By managing the entire process, we have better control over costs. We can make informed decisions about materials and methods that align with your budget without compromising quality. This holistic view of the project helps prevent cost overruns and ensures you get the best value for your investment.

Fewer Miscommunications and Delays

Juggling teams makes the old saying “too many irons in the fire” a reality. It becomes utter chaos. 

When different teams handle different phases of the project, miscommunications are almost inevitable. Each handoff between teams introduces the potential for errors and misunderstandings. These issues can cause delays and increase the overall project cost. 

By keeping everything in-house, MAC can ensure a consistent and clear communication flow throughout the project.

The MAC Difference: A Commitment to Excellence

At MAC, we strive to remain diligent in our commitment to excellence. Our full-court press approach to design-build-bid ensures that we deliver the highest-quality sports facilities. We understand that your project is more than just a construction job; it’s an investment in your community and your athletes. We take that responsibility seriously and strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

Choosing the right approach for your sports facility construction project is crucial. MAC’s in-house design-build-bid process offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. 

By understanding your vision from the start, leveraging cooperative purchasing, and choosing a firm that can ensure seamless execution, you can reduce headaches, control costs, and meet or beat expected timelines.

If you’re planning a new sports facility, a new court, or reconstruction of your existing sports facilities, trust MAC to handle the entire process. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that your concrete truly becomes a concrete solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build the perfect facility.