Sports & Recreation Surface Services

McConnell & Associates—elevating athletic performance with precision sports and recreation surface construction services.

At McConnell & Associates, we’re proud to be a premier provider of sports and recreation surface construction services across the Midwest. Our legacy is built upon a commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and an unwavering passion for elevating athletic facilities to new heights of performance.

We have been at the forefront of designing, constructing, and maintaining multi-purpose sports and recreation surfaces across the Midwest. Our passion lies in creating spaces that not only enhance athletic performance but also inspire communities.

Contact McConnell & Associates today to discuss your project and discover why we are the first choice for quality sports and recreation surface construction services in the Midwest.

Unrivaled Expertise in Sports Construction and Surfacing

At McConnell & Associates, we understand that the foundation of any successful sports or recreation facility lies in the meticulous construction and maintenance of its surfaces. That’s why our team of seasoned experts meticulously sculpts and cares for every inch of your surface, ensuring optimal safety, durability, and playability that inspire peak athletic achievement.

Tennis Court Construction and Maintenance

Our team of ASBA-certified builders specializes in constructing and resurfacing tennis courts that adhere to the highest standards of playability and aesthetics. You can trust us to provide court surfaces that not only look pristine but also enhance traction, comfort, and ball response.

Pickleball Court Construction and Maintenance

Our pickleball court construction services ensure surfaces are optimized for this unique sport’s requirements, delivering exceptional experiences that cater to players of all skill levels. From the precise dimensions and line markings to carefully selected surface materials, our attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the court is engineered for optimal gameplay.

Running Track Services

We recognize the pivotal role that high-quality running tracks play in athletic performance and safety. Our customized running track services are engineered for durability, utilizing premium materials to meet the demands of your facility.

Comprehensive Surface Maintenance

Extend the life and peak condition of your sports facilities through our tailored maintenance programs. Our recreational surface maintenance programs for sports surfaces adapt to the unique needs of your facility, ensuring optimal conditions year-round.

Our proactive approach, including routine inspections and seasonal adjustments, ensures your surfaces are competition-ready all year round. From outdated tennis courts to modern sports complexes, our maintenance services breathe new life into aging sports facilities, ensuring they meet contemporary standards of excellence.

Cooperative Purchasing

Our Cooperative Purchasing Program is designed to offer educational and government institutions a seamless procurement experience for their sports facility needs. As a TIPS Awarded Vendor, McConnell & Associates guarantees competitive pricing and superior quality for your projects, eliminating the complexities of the traditional bidding process for sports construction projects.

Elevate Your Sports and Recreation Surfaces with McConnell & Associates

Choose McConnell & Associates for your sports and recreation surface needs and experience a partnership rooted in excellence. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a legacy of quality, ensures that your sports facilities are not just functional spaces but landmarks of athletic achievement.

Our deep-rooted knowledge of sports and recreation surfaces is unmatched. Our team, led by ASBA-certified builders, ensures that each project not only meets but exceeds industry standards. From design to maintenance, our comprehensive range of services covers every aspect of sports and recreational facility upkeep.

Unlock the full potential of your sports and recreation facilities with solutions that inspire athletes, captivate spectators, and leave a lasting legacy of athletic brilliance. Contact McConnell & Associates today, and let us turn your vision into a reality.