Celebrating Excellence: A Look at McConnell & Associates’ American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Awards Over the Years

Since 1965, McConnell & Associates has paved the way across many surfaces in the Midwest. As a dedicated sports surface construction and maintenance team, we are proud to share our journey and the accolades we have accumulated over the years from the ASBA, an acknowledgment that underlines our commitment to quality and innovation in sports facility construction.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of our ASBA achievements, reflecting on how these honors have propelled us forward, inspired innovation, and helped us create lasting relationships within the Midwest sports community.

At McConnell & Associates, we don’t just aim to meet the standards—we strive to go beyond. We want to create sports surfaces where athletes can shine. Continue reading below to explore more of our remarkable journey in sports construction and learn more about our ASBA award-winning projects.


McConnell & Associates — Our Journey to Excellence

Over the decades, McConnell & Associates has grown from a local paving contractor and asphalt company to a regional leader in pavement solutions. As we continue to expand our operations to key locations across the Midwest, a commitment to integrity and craftsmanship remains the cornerstone of our success. Our teams work tirelessly to deliver tailored pavement solutions, and our commitment to providing comprehensive pavement services has shaped our legacy and the landscape of sports facilities across the country.

Year-by-Year: A Look at Our ASBA Award-Winning Projects | McConnell & Associates

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) has been instrumental in driving quality across the construction services industry, especially in sports construction. The organization’s guidelines and awards aren’t only the cornerstones of sports construction, setting the benchmarks for excellence that we continually strive to exceed, but we also recognize superior workmanship and innovative practices across the industry.

Our affiliation with the ASBA has been instrumental in aligning our sports construction practices with the highest industry standards. Drawing from ASBA’s extensive knowledge base and resources, we combine our expertise as a reliable asphalt company with globally recognized construction protocols to provide unparalleled service in all aspects of sports surface construction services.

2017 Outdoor Pickleball Facility Silver Award

In 2017, we were recognized by the ASBA with the Outdoor Pickleball Facility Silver Award. This honor was a testament to our meticulous approach to pickleball court construction and maintenance. We understand that the growing popularity of pickleball demands courts that offer durability and performance—qualities that our clients have grown to expect from us.

Celebrating MAC ASBA Awards

2019 Outstanding Residential Pickleball Facility of the Year

Continuing our streak, the year 2019 was marked by us receiving the Outstanding Residential Pickleball Facility of the Year award. This highlighted not just our skill in creating recreational spaces but also our position at the forefront as asphalt repair specialists. Quality surfaces begin with quality repairs, and this recognition was a nod to our proficiency in bringing unparalleled standards to the residential sports construction sector.

2020 Outstanding Outdoor Tennis Facility of the Year

With our sustained commitment to excellence, 2020 brought us the Outstanding Outdoor Tennis Facility of the Year award, solidifying our reputation in tennis court construction and maintenance. As the sport has refined, so have the surfaces on which it is played, and our dedication to meeting these evolving standards is unwavering.

2023 Distinguished Residential Tennis Facility of the Year

Most recently, in 2023, we earned the prestigious title of Distinguished Residential Tennis Facility of the Year, a mark of our continuous evolution as concrete and asphalt paving contractors. This award is a reflection of our commitment to delivering high-quality construction services that ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the courts we construct.

We love making great sports facilities, and our team’s dedication to excellent pavement solutions has earned us several awards from the ASBA. Each milestone in craftsmanship and innovation propels us to further refine our sports surface construction and maintenance capabilities, solidifying our commitment to excellence across the Midwest’s sports facilities. 

As always, we stand ready to serve our communities with the outstanding services that have become synonymous with the McConnell & Associates name. We look forward to future projects and the opportunity to push the envelope in sports surface construction and maintenance.


McConnell & Associates — Leaders in Sports Surface Construction and Maintenance

McConnell & Associates stands at the forefront of sports surface construction and maintenance. We offer a wide range of sports surface products. Our team’s skilled use of innovative techniques helps us meet high industry standards. Our completed projects show our commitment to quality and design, covering various asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Expertise in Sports Surface Construction

We know that every project affects athlete performance and safety. By using top sports surface products, we ensure high-quality construction and renovation. This supports top athletic performance. McConnell & Associates takes pride in tackling any asphalt and concrete challenge, delivering exceptional results.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

For us, quality maintenance is a daily goal. We’re constantly adopting new technologies and training our team. This keeps us ahead in sports construction services. Our focus on sustainability and performance means our projects last long and look great. They provide years of joy and competition for athletes.

McConnell & Associates — Upholding A Legacy of Award-Winning Sports Surface Construction Services

At McConnell & Associates, we pride ourselves on not just participating in the industry but setting the benchmarks for quality and innovation. Our long-standing recognition at the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Awards over the years is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Being at the top means every court we build and every surface we improve reflects our reputation as the number one choice for professional sports surface construction and maintenance services. These awards signify not only our achievements but also our dedication to top-notch sports surface services where people make memories and break records.

We’re committed to our vision of shaping the future of sports surface construction and providing clients with unmatched service and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for unparalleled expertise in sports construction, our award-winning team is ready to bring your project to the forefront of innovation. Contact us today to learn how our award-winning approaches in sports surface installation and maintenance can elevate your next project.