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MAC’s Sealcoatings

We may be best known for our sealcoatings. MAC manufactures attractive, tough, maintenance-free protective coatings that are recommended for use on any type of asphalt pavement – from small driveways to large commercial and industrial parking lots.


MAC 52

Doubles the life of asphalt surfaces, with max protection from a refined coal tar emulsion.
MAC 52 is an attractive, tough, maintenance free protective coating recommended for use on any type of asphalt pavement. It provides maximum pavement maintenance protection, economy and appearance.

The dark charcoal black color improves the appearance of new and old asphalt pavements while protecting the pavement by forming a tough, flexible coating over the surface. MAC 52 will substantially reduce annual maintenance costs and extensive pavement repairs.

MAC 52 Application Specs (download PDF)
MAC 52 Product Specs (download PDF)
MAC 52 MSDS Sheet (download PDF)


Professional grade sealcoat provides superior performance and appearance year after year.
MAC PRO-BLEND contains hot-blended rubber and specialty chemicals that greatly improve the product’s toughness, durability and flexibility – without the need for other additives. It stands between the pavement and the elements while sealing in the pavement’s strength and resilience. It prolongs the useful life of the original pavement by keeping the surface intact, flexible, and alive.

MAC PRO-BLEND Product Info (download PDF)
MAC PRO-BLEND MSDS Sheet (download PDF)


A heavy-duty sealcoat specifically designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements.
MAC MICRO-PAVE provides years of durability with its select grades of asphalt resins, rubberized polymers, minerals, specialty additives and hot-blended performance boosters. It’s perfect for use at shopping centers and malls where typical ring road traffic causes other sealcoatings to fail prematurely. It seals hairline cracks to prevent water penetration and freeze damage. And because MICRO-PAVE is water-based, it can be used safely, without irritation or noxious fumes. Off-street asphalt surfaces in stable condition are perfect for the high-grade protection this asphalt sealer has to offer.


Functionally Meets and/or Exceeds ASTM and FAA Specifications
STAR-TRITON® asphalt pavement sealer is a new generation, high performance effective alternative to refined tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. STAR-TRITON sealcoatings are recommended for all asphalt pavements, commercial parking lots, apartment complexes, restaurants, schools, gas stations, truck terminals, airfields, taxiways, airport shoulders, and even home driveways.

STAR-TRITON forms a tough, durable, and flexible coating that protects asphalt pavements from damage due to weather, water penetration, de-icing salts, traffic, and gas and petrochemical contamination. This sealcoating offers an extraordinary degree of protection because it’s formulated from the highest quality raw materials, specialty additives, and performance boosters.

Using STAR-TRITON lets you expand your season in early spring and late fall compared to using asphalt emulsion sealers. It’s water-based and easy to apply, handle, and store. Plus, there’s no burning, irritation, or significant odor.

The sealcoating dries to an eye-appealing dark charcoal color to enhance a property’s value.

STAR-TRITON Application Specs (download PDF)
STAR-TRITON Product Specs (download PDF)
STAR-TRITON MSDS Sheet (download PDF)



A D.O.T.-tested formulation, doesn’t coat; it penetrates concrete.
MACRO DECK is advanced technology based on specialty polymers and concrete saturants. MACRO DECK stops damage from water, de-icing salts, and petrochemicals by forming a rubber matrix network inside the concrete structure, while maintaining its flexural and tensile strength. It’s specially formulated and tested to perform on concrete bridge decks, fast-drying to get traffic moving quickly and is safe and easy to apply.

Learn more about MACRO DECK (download PDF)
MACRO DECK Product Bulletin (download PDF)
MACRO DECK MSDS Sheet (download PDF)

STAR Specialty Technology and Research manufactures MACRO DECK. MACRO DECK and other STAR products are available from McConnell & Associates Corp.