How to Maintain an Outdoor Running Track

Whether you’re a running track owner, athletic facilities manager, or sports complex

supervisor, understanding the basics of outdoor running track maintenance is crucial for the

longevity of your track. While the winter sports season is still in full swing, now is the time to

ensure their outdoor running track is ready for the upcoming spring season.


The extremes of winter temperatures, combined with a period of inactivity, can result in

unexpected problems that, if left untreated, can lead to more severe damage once athletic

activities resume on the track. Below, we’ll discuss the key steps for running track repair and

best practices for running track maintenance, including surface preparation, repair, and regular



Continue reading below to learn more about how to ensure your outdoor running track is at top

condition for runners of all levels to enjoy and why McConnell & Associates is the number one choice for qualified running track maintenance services.

The Importance of Regular Outdoor Running Track Maintenance

Running tracks are the focal point of any modern sports facility. They also take a beating from

everyday wear and tear, and certain critical areas of the track see significantly more traffic than

others. As a result, paying extra attention to running track maintenance throughout the year is

crucial to ensure your track remains in the best possible condition.


Aside from athlete safety, routine cleaning is essential for the longevity of your running track

surface. Keeping your track free of debris and foreign objects can help to slow the deterioration

of the synthetic coating on its surface.


Dirt, stains, algae, and spills not only detract from your track’s appearance but can also pose a

legitimate risk to the athletes who use them. For example, a running track with algae and other

organic growth can quickly create a slippery surface. Excess water and grime will also worsen

the damage on your track, significantly reducing its lifespan.


Now that you understand why creating a running track maintenance routine is essential let’s

discuss how to keep your running track in the best shape possible.

3 Steps to Maintain Your Outdoor Running Track

Running tracks are frequently used for multiple purposes and are subject to constant wear and

tear. As a result, regular running track maintenance is critical for preserving the integrity and

performance of the track, as well as providing an enjoyable experience for runners and athletes

of all backgrounds.


The importance of maintaining your outdoor running track cannot be overstated. Here is a step-

by-step guide for ensuring your running track is in the best condition:

Regularly Check Your Track Surface

Over the course of a day of heavy use, a track will undoubtedly accumulate dirt, mud, and

grime. Fortunately, regular walkthroughs are one of the simplest ways to keep your track clean

and will give you an idea of how much daily grime accumulates on your track.


Mowed grass from nearby fields, fallen tree branches, and sand from long jump pits

occasionally make their way onto your track. If a fallen leaf or twig is not cleaned up quickly, it

can cause long-term damage to your track and potential safety issues for your athletes. Tasking

a staff member or scheduling routine visual assessments will significantly reduce the need for

costly running track repairs.


Additionally, keeping an eye on your drainage areas can also help the health of your surface.

Look for obstructions and impediments to the flow of water, as standing water and puddles on

a surface will erode and damage materials.

Debris Removal and Basic Sweeping

The next step in your routine is to clear the debris. The removal of slip-causing materials such

as sand, ice, or mowed grass creates a safer environment for all who run on your track, so a

A simple sweep will keep your track in good shape.


While sweeping your track, be sure not to use cleaning or sweeping materials with tough steel

bristles or anything else that could damage your track. Softer bristles will work well and remove

a lot of debris, but a leaf blower can also be used to remove objects from your track without

causing damage.


During this step, you may also want to perform an additional track inspection as you sweep

your track and remove weed growth from the track’s perimeter on a regular basis. Look for

more prominent issues in the track, such as cracks, wear, or debris that refuses to disappear

with sweeping. If left unchecked, these issues can quickly become a hazard on your track.

Intensive Running Track Cleaning

A more intensive cleaning method is to wash and clean the track surface. Washing your track

not only eliminates potential slip hazards but also helps to remove stubborn dirt particles,

moss, and algae, resulting in a safer track overall.


Intensive running track cleaning should be done regularly, especially after large events where

the track sees a lot of foot traffic. However, when performing this step, it’s critical that you

don’t use anything with high water pressure, as it could potentially damage your track.

Start by moving contaminants to the track’s edge and off the track entirely by hosing it down.

Then, spray the track lightly to avoid damage, and much of the stubborn grime will disappear.


Keep Your Track in Top Condition with the Help of McConnell & Associates

When it comes to running track maintenance, it’s crucial to be proactive. If you notice a minor

problem, do not let it grow into a major one. Small cracks are simple to repair, but they must

promptly be addressed before they spread.


We understand that everyone’s budget is unique, and what works for a top-tier sports facility

may not make for a community sports complex. Regardless of the level of competition you plan

to host on your outdoor track, ongoing maintenance is essential. Fortunately, working with a

running track maintenance company is one of the most effective ways to ensure your track gets

the care and attention it needs.


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