MAC’s Justan Vaughn Becomes a Certified Tennis Court Builder

Justan Vaughn, Sports Division Manager for McConnell and Associates (MAC) in St. Louis, achieved a personal and professional goal when he recently became a Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB). He earned his official certification from the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) and was recognized at ASBA’s annual conference held December 1 – 5, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The ASBA developed the Certified Tennis Court Builder Program to raise professional standards and to improve tennis court construction practices.

There are less than 70 Certified Tennis Court Builders in the country, and MAC is home to three of them, including J.R. Rockenfield and Mike Mehaffey, both Certified Tennis Court and Track Builders. CTCB designation represents a high level of tennis court construction competency, professionalism and ethics.

Working for MAC as its Sports Division Manager helped Justan fulfill the required standards of experience and prepare for the 100-question exam. His knowledge and first-hand experience was widened thanks to his involvement with projects that have earned MAC awards and recognition from the ASBA, Tennis Industry Magazine and many others.

CTCB candidates must have three years of experience, provide three references and are tested on topics ranging from building and materials best practices (paving specifications, sub-base and base construction, rock installation, fencing, lighting, coating, maintenance and repair) to business ethics.

CTCBs, like Justan, J.R. and Mike, have many years of experience related to building tennis courts. This hands-on experience ensures CTCBs have the real world construction knowledge that clients rely on for tennis courts that meet needs, budget and the environment. It is best for clients to consult a CTCB early on to gain a valuable resource for the entire tennis court project, from setting budget and site selection to choosing a surface. Having the best in the business on a tennis court project results in immediate returns. A CTCB recognizes and addresses concerns prior to build to avoid extra costs and schedule delays later.

Justan says, “It’s great that everything I’ve studied and done on the job helped me pass the CTCB exam and meet the specifications for certification. It was a personal goal of mine, but more importantly it means we can meet our clients’ needs and offer them the best advice on everything related to tennis courts from setting preliminary budget to ongoing maintenance. I’ll continue learning because each tennis court project is unique. It’s putting our collective knowledge to use for our clients’ benefits is what keeps MAC at the top of the list of tennis court contractors in the Midwest.”