How to Protect Concrete, Brick, Wood and Masonry from Irreversible Damage

Whether exterior surfaces – concrete, brick, wood, masonry and more – are brand new construction or many years old, protecting them from the elements is key to extending their lives and your investment. The best way to do so is to coat exterior surfaces with a penetrating polymer sealer, like ARMOUR GUARD Protectant.

Exterior coatings or sealants aren’t new on the market, but their technology has greatly improved over the years and is evident in ARMOUR GUARD.  While some coatings simply sit on the surface, ARMOUR GUARD penetrates deep down and forms a rubber matrix, which acts as a barrier between destructive elements and the surface.

What does a polymer sealer protect against?

Pretty much everything from Mother Nature to man-made elements. Left unprotected, exterior surfaces are vulnerable to water damage, which occurs when water seeps through porous material and causes exterior surfaces to crack or worse. Man-made elements like de-icing salts, hydraulic oils, kerosene, transmission fluid, lubricating oils and grease also wreak havoc on exterior surfaces.

A polymer sealer, like ARMOUR GUARD, creates penetrates exterior surfaces and forms a rubber matrix bond so that elements sit on top of the surface where it can’t do extensive damage, costing you a lot of money in repair work. ARMOUR GUARD is so effective because it’s derived from the same formula – 100% acrylic polymers and special penetrating chemicals – used by many departments of transportation to seal and protect public infrastructures including bridge decks.

To what exterior surfaces can the polymer sealer be applied?

The polymer sealer, ARMOUR GUARD, shields surfaces such as concrete driveways and sidewalks, garage and carport floors, concrete, stone or masonry foundations and floors, paving stones, terrazzo tile and rocks, any exterior wood surface, exterior brick work.

ARMOUR GUARD is easy to apply because it has a water-like consistency and is safe to handle, non-flammable and dries clear so it won’t change the color of the surface. Applied correctly, ARMOUR GUARD gives property owners up to three years of protection against salt and chemical damage.