What Is the Best Type of Asphalt Sealcoat?

Asphalt sealcoat is used to improve how your driveway looks. Maybe you’ve been looking to change the appearance of your driveway. Does it look rugged and need a change-up? Asphalt sealcoating might be just what you need.

Want to know what the different types of asphalt sealcoats are so that you can be in the best position to make a choice for yourself? We’ll give them to you here. That way, you can see which one you think is best.

Keep reading to find out more about asphalt sealcoats. 

Plain Sealer Asphalt Sealcoat

This is the easiest to use of all asphalt sealcoats around. Asphalt cement is used and it’s placed right onto your driveway with a paint roller. It comes as a thick black liquid too. Therefore, you can be sure it will give you a sleeked-looking driveway.

They’re most widely used on driveways where no theirs been no deterioration or cracks. Sand isn’t contained either. So, they’ll do the job just as you need them to.

It’s one of the best asphalt sealcoats that you can use. Sealcoat maintenance is easy, therefore, you might want to keep this one in mind while you decide upon your asphalt sealer.

Coal Tar Asphalt Sealcoat

Coal tar sealer is also used fairly often for sealing driveways. It’s, as the name suggests, made from coal tar that’s sticky.

The main disadvantage of this type of sealcoat is that it doesn’t last a long time. It can serve your driveway well for up to five years without you having to get it resealed. But after that, it can start to wither.

However, it poses one issue – it contains organic material that can be easily destroyed. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for you. In fact, in some cities, it’s not even allowed to be used.

Asphalt-Based Sealer

Asphalt-based sealers are sturdy which makes them a great option. To make them, an asphalt-based sealer is used along with other materials. These keep your driveway slick and secured from the elements, whether it’s rain, hail, sleet, or snow.

If you have an asphalt driveway, why not try an asphalt-based sealer? They’ve got great longevity spanning much longer than other types of sealers.

Fill and Seal Asphalt Sealcoats

Known as dual-purpose sealers, fill and seal uses many different types of materials. One of these is sand which is the perfect ingredient to use for a sealer. That’s because any bumps or cracks that you have will be completely covered and your driveway is left smooth.

Other aspects that come in here are finances and time. It doesn’t take long to pave which is a big plus. Also, money-wise, it’s an inexpensive sealer. Therefore, you can rest assured that you have that little left over for luxuries.

Oil-Based Asphalt Sealer

Oil-based sealers make it less likely that the surface-face is changed. This is especially during the cooler months. That’s because they penetrate it well.

One downfall is that they take longer to seal. They also have a strong smell that can hang around for days beyond the sealing. Just like coal tar sealant, they use organic materials which can be detrimental to the environment.

Water-Based Asphalt Sealer

Have an oil leak or gas spillage? Not to worry – water-based sealcoats are perfect. They eventually become dissolved when they come into contact with them. Therefore, your driveway will be resistant to any damage it may cause.

The materials used here are latex, clay, and polymers. They’re fairly like oil-based sealcoats except they’re better protected from spillages.

Water-based sealers are a popular type and are often used on freeways and highways. This is because, once more, they’re effective in preventing damage that occurs when oil or gas leaks.

Which Types Do McConnell & Associates Offer?

At McConnell & Associates, we offer a variety of different asphalt sealer pavement options. Sealcoat maintenance is made easy with our trusty team of professionals that we send out to do the job right.

We take into account the strength of your driveway, expense, and ease of each application. Then, you can know your driveway will be one that’s attractive, sturdy, and last for years.

What Does McConnell & Associates Offer?

We have some of the most top-class asphalt contractors in the Midwest working for us. You can therefore know you can trust us to finish the work and leave you entirely satisfied with the finished product.

We cover driveways and parking lots. Using cutting-edge equipment, we ensure that your driveway is finished and resurfaced using the latest asphalt.

When you use the most recent equipment you know you’re in good hands. This is why we stay up-to-date on what we use. We want our customers to have pride and maintain a steady return of customers due to the care and attention that we provide.

Why Choose Us for Your Asphalt Sealcoat Pavement?

Asphalt sealcoat is used to make your driveway look better. That way, anyone walking by will be stunned by the appearance. We’ve shown you different styles of asphalt sealcoats so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

If you’re in the Midwest and in need of asphalt sealcoating then we’re the company for you. Contact us right away! We’ll leave your driveway looking as good as new.