commercial property curb appeal

How to Improve Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

Common wisdom says not to judge a book by its cover—but that’s for books, and we’re talking about commercial property! Commercial properties, unlike books, are ruthlessly judged by their curb appeal because “curb appeal” describes a significant selling point (if you’re doing it right) or potential drawback (if you’re not doing it right) for potential buyers and visitors.

Investing in your commercial property’s curb appeal is an excellent way to send a message to potential buyers or visitors about what they can expect to see on the inside. If it’s well-maintained and visually appealing and has something delightfully unique, they’ll expect more of the same when they go inside!

See Your Property Like New

The first step towards improving your commercial property’s appeal is the same as the first step towards self-improvement: look inwards—wait, no, it’s the complete opposite.

Stand outside the property—ideally out in the street or the parking lot—and look at it like you don’t own it, judging it only by its looks. Now, what do you think?

  • Is this a property you’d be interested in?
  • Are there any areas that need improvement?
  • Are there areas that need something, but you’re not sure what?
  • What overall impression do you get of the property?

Try to do this several times, at different times of the day, or at least once during the day and once during the night. It’s important to see what the location looks like during all business hours because you never know when someone might be stopping by!

Regardless of where your property starts and how much work it will take to get where it needs to go, improving your commercial property’s curb appeal will generally fall into several main categories.

Improve the Parking Lot and Sidewalks

The parking lot and sidewalks will be the first impression most people have with your commercial property. After imagining all the other things you want to do that are more interesting than asphalt repair, this can be a disappointing realization. We get it, and we’re sorry!

The simple fact is that parking lots in disrepair make a negative impression, and there’s just no sense in starting that way. Beyond not looking the best, there are also liability concerns regarding potholes, cracks, and faded parking lot stripes; people could stumble, hurt themselves, or damage their vehicles, and you don’t want any of that.

Sometimes all it takes to make a parking lot look new is filling the holes and cracks, applying a sealcoat, and restriping. It may need to be torn up and resurfaced if things are dire. Either way, we know some guys who’d be great for the job!

Brighten Up

First step: Deep-clean the exterior. Over the years, buildings collect dirt, dust, and debris that aren’t noticeable as they build up daily. You might think a whole new paint job is in order—and maybe it is—but it could also be true that all your commercial property needs are power washing and some stain remover treatments.

Additionally, look for cracked roof tiles or shingles, worn or dented gutters, and other areas where minor repairs can add to significant visual improvements.

Add More Green

Contrary to the opinions of some, green is a very creative color! Start with what’s already in place, then improve from there.

Remove any dead or dying shrubs and grass and trim trees and bushes. When thinking about adding new plants to the party, consider maintenance. Will there be sprinklers and a lawn care service? If not, plan accordingly by investing in more low-maintenance options and local flora.


If you want your commercial property to be more visitor-friendly and have the space available, consider adding elements that tempt people to spend more time at your property. This can be done with benches, chairs, picnic tables, or strolling paths through the landscaping.

Adding bike racks will make the property more cyclist-friendly and pedestrian-friendly, which is important if you’re in a walkable city or smaller town.


No matter how good your property looks in the daylight, that doesn’t matter once the sun goes down. Looking good at night requires lighting! The lighting should be bright at the entrances, exits, and parking lot. 

Adequate lighting also improves security—people feel more comfortable approaching well-lit buildings when it’s dark out. Sidewalks should be lighted for safety, but installing motion-sensitive lights can help lessen environmental impact (and electricity bills).


Any signs on the property should be clean and in good repair. Another option is to replace the signs with new ones that tie together the company logo with the property’s design and colors. A new sign is the perfect way to top off the new and improved version of your commercial property—now with added curb appeal!

Ready to Improve Your Curb Appeal?

One of the most effective uses of your curb appeal budget is investing in regular maintenance and repair of sidewalks and parking lots. Visitors will be turned off by damaged sidewalks and parking lots filled with cracks and potholes.

To ensure your parking lot and sidewalks look as good as the rest of your commercial property, you’ll want the services of an experienced asphalt contractor like McConnell & Associates. With over 50 years of experience, McConnell & Associates is dedicated to providing quality services for commercial asphalt repair and maintenance.

Every project will be handled with care and attention, from minor repairs to a complete replacement job, so your commercial property will look its absolute best. Contact us today for any of your asphalt needs!