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5 Signs Your Asphalt Surface Needs Maintenance

You work hard to keep your commercial property in pristine condition. While asphalt pavement is durable, long-lasting, and the preferred paving surface for many commercial businesses, asphalt pavement can deteriorate over time, resulting in a Read more >

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway

While asphalt is a durable material, there are some asphalt driveway maintenance steps you should take to protect and extend the life of your investment. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of asphalt driveway maintenance and Read more >

A Complete Guide to ADA Parking Lot Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive civil rights law passed in 1990 that ensures individuals with disabilities have equal access to all aspects of public life and prohibits discrimination against people with Read more >

What Is Soil Stabilization and Why Is it Important?

When it comes to designing a new structure and finally breaking ground during the construction phase, the soil beneath is extremely important. Because the soil will come into direct contact with the building and serve Read more >

What Is Sealcoating and Why Is it Important?

Let’s talk about asphalt pavement and applying sealcoating product. They are related but different, and both are essential elements of properly maintained, long-lasting surfaces. Asphalt is composed of rock and/or stone, gravel, and a binder. Read more >

How to Fix Water-Damaged Concrete

Despite being a highly durable material, concrete is susceptible to damage, particularly water damage. Although concrete is porous and can absorb water, this can also result in both large and small cracks, allowing water to Read more >

A Little Asphalt Sealcoating Now Prevents Sun and Heat Damage This Summer

It’s Time to Schedule Asphalt Sealcoating with Kansas City’s Paving and Sealing Experts According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Kansas City looks forward to “sizzle & drizzle” this summer. Even if you’re not a believer Read more >

What Causes Asphalt to Fail?

Water is Asphalt’s Biggest Foe Asphalt contractors can create a well-compacted base that allows water to pass through without retaining it below the asphalt’s surface. We can prepare asphalt for extreme Kansas City temperatures. We Read more >

Your Options for Fixing Aging Asphalt

(Hint: Some are Easier Than You Think) Two to three decades, the average lifespan of asphalt, sound like a very long time. That is the average lifespan of well-paved asphalt. Weather, usage, time and if Read more >

MAC Announces Development of Premium Grade Heavy Duty Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat

Customers Asked, and McConnell & Associates Has Delivered Another Quality Product After years of relying on premium hot-blended coal tar emulsion sealcoat from McConnell & Associates, the company’s customers asked for a premium grade asphalt Read more >