Unlocking Superior Outcomes with MAC’s Asphalt Sealcoating Products

Asphalt sealcoating doubles the life of your asphalt surface—but only when you use high-quality products and proper application. Without both of those things, you are going to run into a lot of costly problems in the long run. 

Choosing the right asphalt sealcoating products is a vital piece of planning any asphalt project. It is critical in protecting your asphalt investment.

At MAC, the popular sealing products that other asphalt companies formulated didn’t meet our stringent standards, so our team decided to produce our own. 

Heading our product development is Senior Technical Manager Tim Slominski, whose leadership and expertise are instrumental in crafting formulations that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. 

With a robust academic background including a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemistry, Tim brings over 17 years of invaluable experience in the coatings industry. His extensive tenure encompasses over a decade of hands-on bench R&D, Tech Service, process improvement, quality control, and over seven years of specialized chemical sales.

Under Tim’s guidance, his team’s dedication ensures that each batch produced adheres to our stringent quality standards without compromise. Their collective expertise guarantees that our products consistently deliver peak performance, meeting the exacting requirements of our clientele.

In this blog, we dive into the realm of premium products, offering insights into their applications and providing valuable information on sealcoat formulations and maintenance techniques.

Raw Material & Formulation Quality Control

At the heart of our process lies raw material quality control, serving as the foundational step that paves the way for the production of consistently superior products, ultimately ensuring unwavering satisfaction for our clients.

Raw materials in sealcoat include:

Binder: The key ingredient of any sealcoating compositions binding the sealcoat mix to the asphalt pavement. 

Clay, Fillers and Aggregates: These ingredients provide toughness, durability, and dimensional stability to the mix. It also reduces the tackiness of the binder so the surface will be functional even in sweltering heat.

Water: Water helps all the other ingredients stay dispersed. It satisfies the “water demand” of the fillers/aggregate such as sand. Water affects a sealcoat’s fluidity resulting in easy application, storage, and handling.

Additives: Different additives in sealcoat mixes serve different purposes. Some additives help with fast drying and water repellency. Others alter sand suspension, improve flexibility or add resistance to salts and petrochemicals. 

All of these components come with varying levels of quality. We meticulously select the finest among them and custom-tailor our formulations to address a spectrum of challenges often encountered in products from other manufacturers.

MAC’s Premium Products for Asphalt Sealcoating

Okun Park Sealcoat Project by McConnell & Associates

Confident in the expertise of our team, we embarked on a mission to surpass the standards set by other manufacturers. Our products stand as a testament to innovation and a deep understanding of asphalt paving practices.

Explore the various types of asphalt sealcoat and their specifics in our general overview here.

Below are the premium products we’ve developed to elevate the quality of work we deliver to our valued clients. At the bottom of this section, you will find a list of recommended uses and applications.

MAC’s Premium Sealcoat Products and Uses 

MAC 52

MAC 52 is great for off-street asphalt pavements that do not receive a full and continuous pattern of compaction from rolling traffic. This product further increases the life of asphalt pavements by protecting them from damage caused by gasoline and oil stains, UV rays and oxidation and water absorption.

MAC Pro-Blend

Mac Pro-Blend hot blends catalyzed rubber and select polymers with the refined coal tar. This greatly enhances its toughness, flexibility and resistance to gasoline, oil, chemicals, and deicing salts. The water repellency is the result of a specialty chemical additive that makes the cured coating water-resistant.

MAC Micro-Pave

MAC Micro-Pave is an asphalt emulsion-based sealcoat that is designed to provide maximum protection against weathering, traffic, moisture, cold and other damaging effects. 

This product performs well anywhere that typical ring road traffic causes other sealcoats to fail prematurely, but any off-street asphalt surface in stable condition is a perfect candidate for the high-grade protection this asphalt sealer has to offer.

Recommended Uses and Applications for MAC Sealcoat Products

  • Parking Lots
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Malls & shopping centers
  • Gas stations & convenience stores
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Bus stations & transportation hubs
  • Fast food restaurants and hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools 
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Banking Institutions
  • Truck terminals
  • Low Traffic Streets (HOAs)
  • Airports
  • Park Trails and Walkways

Ongoing Sealcoat Maintenance

Asphalt sealcoating is typically recommended every 2–3 years, though the specifics can vary depending on the age and overall condition of the asphalt surface, climate conditions, and traffic patterns.


As your asphalt sealing company, MAC can recommend a maintenance program that will keep your asphalt in the best possible condition while minimizing disruption to your operations. We stake our reputation on quality asphalt maintenance. 

We will never try to sell you on asphalt sealcoating when you don’t need it, and will always provide upfront and honest recommendations to extend the life of your asphalt paving so you don’t have to pay for a replacement sooner than is necessary.

McConnell & Associates — Proven Excellence in Asphalt Sealcoating

Regular asphalt maintenance is crucial for safeguarding your property’s value and mitigating the need for costly repairs or replacements down the road. Invest in the longevity of your pavement surfaces with premium products and application from McConnell & Associates.

Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and let our experts create a maintenance plan that preserves, protects, and ensures the integrity of your paved surfaces with our professional asphalt maintenance services.